Monday, October 3, 2016

The Benefits of Social Media

Social media has been around for several years now, but isn’t it crazy to think about how much it has evolved in that time? We started with only being able to send each other private messages through chat systems to being able to share photos with all of our friends and family in a click of a button. When social media first grew in popularity, older generations became a bit skeptical about how it would play out in the lives of young people. Would it take up too much of young people’s time? Would it have a negative impact on face to face social engagement?

In my opinion, although those fears still exist, I don’t believe it has had too much of a negative impact on our lives. Granted, it definitely has affected the social engagement habits of young people everywhere, but I don’t believe social media is necessarily causing a negative impact. The ability to share your thoughts, pictures, videos, and whatever else you can think of with anyone that you want to any given time is kind of amazing. Texting might have changed the way young people communicate, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. As long as social media is being used correctly (and you aren’t completely dependent on it), then it is a healthy way to stay connected with people.

Another great thing about social media that many people forget about is how useful it is for businesses and consumers. Before, if we wanted to know more about a business and what other consumers think about it, the only real solution was to verbally ask around to see what people thought. Now, we can see reviews of a business and how many people truly enjoy it—not just a few people. Also, it allows businesses to interact with its consumers. The more a consumer feels comfortable with a business, the more likely they will be to stay loyal to it, which is why social media marketing is so important.

Overall, I believe that social media is a good thing. It has revolutionized the way that our country functions, and I think that it is useful for a lot of different reasons. 

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