Friday, October 7, 2016

Fall Break at Ohio Northern

The first true break of the semester has finally arrived here at Ohio Northern University: Fall Break. This year, students have October 10th and 11th off of classes, giving them a much needed and deserved break from school. It may be short, but it is most definitely welcomed by all students with open arms. 

One of my last posts regarded midterms here at the university, and those dreaded exams definitely make this break even more wonderful than it already was. As for myself, I have already headed home for the first time all semester. I hadn't seen my dog in over a month, and I missed him dearly. Reuniting was so wonderful, and he is just as cute as the day I left him for school! I am sure several ONU students are reuniting with their pets this weekend, which presumably is as great for them as it was for me. It is also nice to finally be home and just relax on the couch with my family. Moments like those don't happen very often since I've been away at school, and I no longer take them for granted. It feels so good to just relax.

Although I know that Fall Break will be over sooner than I'd like it to, I'm going to make the most of it, including going on a mini vacation to the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Glen Arbor, Michigan, which is about four hours north of my house. Other than that, relaxing is a top priority, since this semester has seemed a bit more stressful than the other ones that I have experienced. 

I'm just glad that we actually have a Fall Break at ONU, because I know most of my friends' schools don't have one. They have to wait until Thanksgiving for their first break to arrive, which seems so far away from now. I know that once I'm back at school I'll be counting down the days until Thanksgiving Break, so I can't even imagine how they feel! 

Fellow Polar Bears: I hope you all enjoy your Fall Break! Be sure to make the most of it, because time sure does fly!

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  1. Fall break is such a great break for everybody to finally relax. Unfortunately the swim team must stay on campus this week, but it's still nice to have a couple of days off of school!