Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clowns at ONU

Last week, a clown was spotted on two different occasions on the Ohio Northern University campus. The first time was on the Green Monster, and the second was near Affinity Village. Campus security was contacted both times, but they were unable to locate the clown.

Students who witnessed the first sighting of the clown claimed that the clown was walking towards them holding an object that resembled a "butcher knife". Regardless of whether or not these sightings were true or simply false claims, they have incited panic in the entire student body. Students have begun exercising campus security's services of escorting, purchasing mace and pocket knives, and avoiding walking outside at night altogether.

Although time has passed since the second clown sighting and people have begun to relax, it doesn't erase the fear in the back of people's minds when they walk alone on campus. Most clown sightings around the country have been dismissed as pranks, but no one likes to be pranked unknowingly, regardless to if it is harmless or not.

People should not be forced into fearing for their safety at a place that once felt so secure. This clown prank has taken things too far, and the students of ONU do not deserve the effects it has caused us. This clown joke is ridiculous and needs to be put to an end.

If you know anything about the clown at ONU, please give that information to the police. This is not a funny joke; it is affecting how safe people feel at their own homes.

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