Sunday, October 23, 2016

Comparing Video Data on YouTube

“Social Media Marketing Workbook 2016” has an entire chapter dedicated to teaching readers about YouTube. The author, Jason McDonald, gives the reader several details about how to best use YouTube and optimize your success on the site. One of these details stood out to me in particular: “Competitor video data is hidden under the ‘more’ button.” I am not an avid YouTube user, but I believe that this information is very useful in the field of public relations. Being able to compare video data to other top competitors on a YouTube video gives us important knowledge, so that a company, organization, business or, an individual can look to see what their audience is responding best to, and what other videos are doing right.

Perhaps someday, when I have a full-time job in the field of public relations, I will be able to contribute to the team by knowing how to compare our video data to our competitors’. For now, however, I believe this piece of information is interesting to say the least, and it could be fun just to compare videos to other videos to see which ones are more successful in the social media world.  

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