Friday, October 28, 2016

Food for Thought When Creating a Pinterest Board

One of the most valuable pieces of advice that I took away from the Pinterest chapter of “Social Media Marketing Workbook 2016” was when the author gave the reader guiding questions to ask oneself when creating a Pinterest board. Jason McDonald, author of the book, stated that we should ask ourselves these questions:

“What is this board about?”

“Who will be interested in this board?”

“What will you pin to this board, and where does that content live?”

These three questions are extremely helpful when creating a Pinterest board, especially because it can be somewhat difficult to know where to start. I have never been an avid Pinterest user, but when I was in middle school I attempted to play around with it only to discover that organization is key. However, I never thought about the last two of the three questions McDonald gives us. It’s important to think about who your audience is for your Pinterest board so that you drive the most traffic to it, especially if you are using Pinterest for marketing purposes. Social media is key in today’s marketing world, making Pinterest just as useful of a tool as any other social media site. I will be taking this food for thought with me into my future career!

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  1. I agree with these questions. I have a Pinterest account and just added pins that I liked. I never thought about the pins otherwise.