Sunday, September 11, 2016

Instagram Tips from "The Art of Social Media"

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites on the internet. Personally, it is my favorite social media app to use, period. I just love looking at all of the images everyone posts and the interactions that come with it. I especially love the search tab on Instagram, because it opens up a whole world of interesting pictures and videos to look at. Plus, the filter and editing options are fun to play around with.

Because I love Instagram so much, I especially appreciated the section of “The Art of Social Media” that gave tips for the site in chapter 11. I found the tips that advised using popular hashtags and collages when necessary were a bit obvious, but other sections I found interesting. For instance, the discussion of filters was intriguing. I had always known that filters make a picture appear more pleasing to the eye, but I had never realized the impact that they could have in regards to sharing across platforms. The authors also point out “#NoFilter” as being one of the most popular hashtags, which, in a sense, contradicts their advice on finessing filters on Instagram. It just goes to show whichever way you choose to use filters, make sure that you are using them to your advantage.

The other part of this section that I found interesting—and even a bit humorous—is the advice “don’t show off”. People on Instagram—especially millennials—have a habit of only posting pictures that are “Instagram-worthy”; in other words, people tend to only post pictures that are absolutely perfect and make their lives appear to be fantastic. Although I believe we are all guilty of this, there are some people that take things a little too far, and end up sounding as if they are bragging. Also, there are people that are constantly posting selfies, which makes them appear conceited and obsessed with their image. I believe that many people need to hear this advice the authors provide, and perhaps try to adjust their Instagram-use accordingly.

Instagram is already a popular site, but with the help of these tips, people could learn to use it even more effectively. I will most definitely be attempting to follow this advice from now on. 

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