Thursday, September 22, 2016

Family Day 2016 at Ohio Northern University

This past weekend on Saturday, September 17th, Ohio Northern University hosted Family Day. Many other colleges and universities have a day like this as well, and ONU likes to celebrate it just as much as any other. It is a day where family members are welcome to the university to engage in various activities with their college student. It also serves as an excuse for families to come visit their student, since that doesn’t always happen often. I personally love Family Day because it is the only time that I get to actually hangout with my family while at school, since they live three hours north of here in Michigan. It’s always fun to show them around!

Some of the activities that ONU provided for students and their family members included bingo, a carnival to raise money for two Greek philanthropies, a performance from pogo stick professional Wacky Chad, Improvapalooza—a show put on by ONU’s improv group Fearless Shenanygans—and a talented illusionist that goes by Kid Ace. Also happening around campus on this day was the Ada Harvest and Herb Festival located in downtown Ada, as well as a Bright Pink Run/Walk in honor of breast cancer, and two home soccer games for both the men and women ONU teams.

As many of you know, Ohio Northern University doesn’t typically have a whole lot happening on campus. Family Day was a way to bring all sorts of fun activities and events to ONU for a day. I am so blessed that my family came to visit me, and I am very thankful to ONU for giving us so much to do and experience. Full disclosure, there were a few moments throughout the day that we found ourselves with nothing to do, but that was just because our timing was off when planning which events to attend. Overall, Family Day was a great time, as always. I miss my family already, but I’m thankful for the time we got to spend together here on campus! Hopefully next year will be just as great. 


  1. As a Reslifer, I was fortunate to work some of the events for this day. I love seeing the happy faces of the families!

  2. I was really surprised with the whole family day thing. About a month ago I saw college kids waving their parents goodbye as if they would never see each other again, and now they were back already.

    I'm not trying to make fun of it at all, I really admire the close relationships. I guess its more the difference that made me feel surprise. Back home we love our parents too, but can't wait to get back to college and have a break from everything at home.