Saturday, September 10, 2016

Delta Zeta's Philanthropy Round of Recruitment

As a member of Delta Zeta, I am currently in the process of formally recruiting several new girls into our chapter by the end of this weekend. The first night of formal recruitment was based around the philanthropies of the chapters here at ONU. Our philanthropies of Delta Zeta are the Painted Turtle Camp, which is a camp that disabled or terminally ill children go to experience a fun, energetic summer camp while they are being treated, and the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This foundation raises money to bring hearing aids to people of the deaf and hard of hearing community all across the world.

In order to help raise awareness for both of our philanthropies during the first round of recruitment, our sorority decided to make turtle pillows to send to the Painted Turtle Camp for all of the campers. To do so, we had the girls who are rushing sororities this fall help us cut out fabric in the shape of turtles, so that we could put stuffing in them and sew them together to make the pillows. This way we were able to share with the girls what the Painted Turtle Camp is all about in a fun and rewarding way! However, in order to include the Starkey Hearing Foundation philanthropy awareness, we decided to surprise the girls by singing a song in sign language. For months now, Delta Zeta sisters of this chapter have been practicing the “Friends” theme song in sign language in order to raise awareness for hearing loss and for the foundation. The music started playing out of nowhere, suddenly all of our sisters stood up and rushed to the front of the room, and the girls were truly surprised and impressed by the hard work we put in! It was such a fun and interesting experience. It made me want to learn sign language as a whole so that I might someday be fluent, but I know that will definitely take time and determination. We will see where life takes me!

Overall, I think that our philanthropy round of recruitment was really successful. The girls all seemed to appreciate the effort we put in, and I think they all enjoyed the activities that we did! I can’t wait to welcome our new Delta Zeta sisters home. It’s only a few days away, and I’m so excited! 

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  1. Being in Greek Life myself I understand the importance of recruitment and most importantly philanthropy round. I love the painted turtle camp and that was one of my favorite things about the sorority. I hope that your recruitment went well and that your philanthropy events for the year have great turn outs!