Sunday, December 4, 2016

Winter is Coming

This fall, students at Ohio Northern University have been blessed with some unexpected, long-lasting warm weather. Normally, Ohio experiences cold and snowy weather as soon as November begins, sometimes even experiencing a snowy Halloween. However, we have yet to see a snow fall that sticks to the ground, and the last week of November consisted of 60 degrees Fahrenheit weather. Unfortunately, the moment December began we were greeted with freezing temperatures. We avoided the inevitable long enough; winter is finally on its way.

Last winter, ONU got lucky with only a little bit of snow and relatively warm weather compared to past years. We got lucky again this year so far with the cold only just beginning to creep its way in now that it’s December. I’m worried that we won’t be so lucky when winter actually begins. I can’t stand the cold, and in my mind snow is only acceptable during the Christmas season. I’m praying for another mild winter, especially considering walking to class and receiving wind burns here on campus is not pleasant.

I hope everyone stays warm this winter!


  1. I'm going to voice my unpopular opinion...but I absolutely love the winter! I'm bummed I can't really ride my bike around campus and how I always have to double check the air in my car tires, but winter is my favorite season. I can't wait for the snow, the hot cocoa, all the cute mittens and scarfs and going skiing! Plus, ONU is gorgeous this time of the year! Stay warm and bundle up :)

  2. I have a bad feeling that we are going to pay for all the nice weather we have gotten lately, this winter.