Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Examples in "Measure What Matters"

My favorite part about the book “Measure What Matters” written by Katie Delahaye Paine is the examples that are included. Throughout each piece of advice Paine offers is a series of examples that allow the reader to take the concepts being described and apply them directly to real life situations. These examples include listing different metrics to measure and different audiences to consider prioritizing. By reading this book, those entering the marketing and public relations world are given direct access to suggestions on where to being when measuring social media, and the examples assist them in choosing how to define certain aspects as they go. It truly is a helpful book.

Any text that gives readers examples is useful. Reading textbooks that are strictly concepts and lack real-world examples or applications is not effective. Paine goes above and beyond in her book by including not only a multitude of examples in each chapter, but also an explanation of each example and the benefits or applications of each. I believe anyone in the marketing or public relations field would find this book to be extraordinarily helpful when attempting to measure certain metrics on social media. I am thankful that I was able to read this book, as I truly believe it will assist me in my future. 

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