Monday, August 29, 2016

Fall Recruitment 2016 for a Spring 2016 Pledge

If you had asked me if I was interested in joining a sorority a year ago, I would have told you not in a million years. But somehow, in a matter of just a few months, I found myself joining Delta Zeta. I don’t know how I got here but here I am, sitting in my sorority house as I type this.  Although I did not rush in the fall like most people do, I accepted a bid in the spring when recruitment was much calmer, and it was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I have truly bonded with my sisterhood, and I am thankful for this opportunity to be able to call myself a DZ.

Rushing in the spring is tremendously different than rushing in the fall. Fall recruitment is so much more intense, whereas spring recruitment is more laid back with much fewer people involved. I’m the type of person who does much better with calmer crowds, so I’m glad that I did it when I did. However, there are a few downsides to rushing in the spring, one of them being I have never gone through the official recruitment process and have absolutely no idea what it’s like. So as fall recruitment arrives here on campus, I find myself nervous about the next few weeks—almost as nervous as I know some of the potential new members (we call them PNMs) must be.

 Things in the sorority house right now are crazy. Everyone is scrambling to get together with their committees, make crafts for our soon to be new members, and making sure that each round of recruitment goes smoothly so we spark a lot of interest in the PNMs. Again, this is my first time going through recruitment, and I’ve got to say I kind of feel like a chicken with its head cut off.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s all very intriguing and exciting. I’m pumped that we’ll potentially have a bunch of awesome girls join our sisterhood by the end of this recruitment process. I’m mostly just a little nervous that I’ll do something wrong, and I’m praying that recruitment goes exactly how we are hoping it will go.

Until formal rounds are over, I’ll just be taking things one day at a time and hoping for the best. If you are even somewhat interested in joining a sorority, don’t hesitate to give it a shot! You might be surprised by just how much you can fall in love with a sisterhood. Go Greek!


  1. Very glad that I came across your post about geek life because I am currently a PNM ! I do agree with you that recruitment is intense! Looking forward to formal rounds this week! :)

  2. I don't understand how you girls keep your calm during recruitment. I'm in Greek life as well but the Fraternities rush is much more calm and laid back. I would hate to have to go through all of the formal rounds that your PNM's go through.