Sunday, November 13, 2016

ONU’s Odyssey Team Reaches a Record Number of Members

I became editor-in-chief for ONU’s Odyssey team last February. When I first took up the position, our team only had around five members who were contributing regularly. Once I sent out an email to the student body inviting people to join us, we gained about 11 new members in two weeks. It was quite the accomplishment, and it brought our member count from five to 16 very quickly. Since then, this number has fluctuated back and forth, ranging from 10 to 17 members, which before now was the maximum number that we ever reached.

At our last Odyssey meeting, the team and I discussed different recruitment tactics that might be efficient in gaining new members. Little did I know the team would do such an incredible job recruiting that we’d see the second largest spike in Odyssey invite requests our team has ever received within a week. After just seven days, Odyssey at ONU welcomed aboard six new members. Before this spike, we only had 15 Creators on board; now, we have broken our record of 17 members with our new record of 21. This is huge because it means in less than a year, Odyssey at ONU quadrupled in size. I am so proud!

These 21 wonderful Creators write about current events, poetry, short stories, personal anecdotes and experiences and, so much more. At Odyssey, we now have the opportunity to submit a series of pictures or a video for our weekly article, so there is room for all sorts of creative activity. Our members are some of the most creative, intelligent and, kind-hearted people I know, and I am so fortunate to be editor-in-chief during this time of team growth. I can’t wait to watch how the new members develop in on this social media platform, and I am thankful for the success ONU’s Odyssey team has seen in the past few months!

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  1. This is awesome!!! I'm happy to know that more students are sharing their thoughts with the world through writing. Personally, I believe that writing is very healthy and therapeutic. Good job Julia.